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December 19 , 2011 01:45 AM in News
We picked up a Toyhauler this summer and I thought it needed it's own garage, so off to the local building supply I went.  I got lucky with the weather, it only snowed (very little) when we raised the trusses.  Gary, Travis, Justin, and I put them in place one morning, it went very smooth.  This was a fun project.  I put temporary walls up for this winter, then next summer I will put some metal on at least the west side where the sun beats down.  For the front, I plan on some sort of removable curtain...still working this one thru in my mind.  Now it can snow all it wants - bring it on!
Damn those are tall
Sue doing a pole dance :)
Concrete is poured, time to assemble the trusses on the ground
Fitting trusses with hangers and purlins
Of course it snows the day we want to raise the trusses!
Trusses all in place, now the purlins and metal
There is still some finish work to do, but may as well put the toyhauler under the roof.
Gable sheathing and ridge cap will finish it off.